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Cookbook Author & New York Times Food Writer


Priya Krishna believes food is one of the best ways to get people engaged, whether in political and social issues or to promote cross-cultural understanding.

As a food reporter for The New York Times, she has written stories that touch on religion, sports, and even nudists. Their subjects range from how two Hawaiians gained a cult following for their restaurant in chilly Salt Lake City by targeting Mormons who miss the Hawaiian food eaten during their missionary trips to Kurdish refugees throwing the most epic and delicious tailgates at Tennessee Titans football games and an account of a visit to a nudist resort to talk to its members about why cooking naked liberates them and gives them a better relationship to their body.

Priya Krishna is the bestselling author of Indian-ish written with Ritu Krishna which was named one of the Best Cookbooks of Spring 2019 by the New York Times, Eater, and Bon Appétit. She also co-wrote, with David Chang, Cooking at Home. Her essays are included in the 2019 and 2021 editions of The Best American Food Writing. Her newest book is a globe-trotting cookbook for children titled Priya’s Kitchen Adventures (Harvest Publications, April 30, 2024).

Priya hosts On the Job, an online video series for The New York Times that looks at labor in the food industry. She has been nominated for a James Beard award and an IACP award, and in 2021, was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Krishna has gained national recognition for her commitment to expanding representation in food, whether profiling cooks and chefs from underrepresented backgrounds to advocating for Indian and other nonwestern foods to be considered as American and everyday as their western counterparts. In 2020, she and her colleagues of color at Bon Appétit led a movement against the company's race-based pay inequity for its video hosts; those efforts inspired a broader reckoning around the lack of diversity in food media. She continues to use her platform to fight for people of color to have better access to leadership positions, book deals and other resources for professional advancement.     

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